Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been going at it with increasing fury. Today, CNN reported that four unnamed sources who weren’t actually present for a 2018 meeting between Sanders and Warren said that Sanders had told Warren that a woman couldn’t win the presidential race. Sanders denied ever saying such a thing, and a senior campaign adviser straight-up accused Warren of leaking a false story to make Sanders appear sexist.

Well, now Shaun King — an avid Bernie Sanders advocate — is getting involved, as he’s wont to do:

Shaun King has sources, too, y’all.


We find it hard to believe that Elizabeth Warren would lie. Don’t you?

We have no reason to think that Elizabeth Warren isn’t totally lying about the meeting between her and Bernie Sanders. Of course, the fact that Shaun King is getting involved should also give Bernie supporters pause. Because he’s, you know, Shaun King.

A safe approach to this drama? Trust no one on either side. Because they’re all terrible.