Remember last July, when Bill Clinton issued a statement distancing himself from Jeffrey Epstein?

Quite a few people out there weren’t buying Clinton’s “predenial.” Given his penchant for both younger women and lying, they had good reason not to believe him.

The Sun may have just given them one more reason:

The images in the Sun’s report were allegedly from a 2002 “humanitarian trip” to Africa aboard Epstein’s private plane, aka the “Lolita Express,” along with celebrities including Kevin Spacey and “Rush Hour” star Chris Tucker. Clinton can also be seen in one image posing with Chauntae Davies, Epstein’s “personal masseuse” and alleged sex slave.


The Sun emphasizes that “no evidence has emerged to prove that [Prince] Andrew or Bill Clinton took part in sexual activity on the Lolita Express.” But the optics are … not spectacular.