Rep. Paul Gosar is pretty grateful that Barack Obama is no longer president, what with what’s happening with Iran:

As far as we know, Hassan Rouhani is still the President of Iran. So that point kind of doesn’t hold up. Also, it shouldn’t take a photography expert to see that that’s not an authentic photo. Surely Gosar can do better.

That’s not an unreasonable question in this particular situation. Particularly given Gosar’s response to the criticism he’s getting:

Then why use a fake photo to make your point?

Did Barack Obama’s disastrous policies contribute to the current situation unfolding between the U.S. and Iran? Absolutely. Obama royally blew it on Iran. Which is why congressmen like Paul Gosar shouldn’t have to spread fake photos to discredit the Obama administration. There’s plenty of legitimate evidence of Obama’s epic failure on Iran without having to manufacture it.

It’s certainly shameful behavior. It’s shameful when Democratic U.S. Representatives do it, too:

How about politicians of all parties just refrain from spreading misinformation? Is that really so much to ask?