As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan took a cue from Snopes and complained about the Babylon Bee’s success, because hey, the Babylon Bee is satire and not Real News, Mr. President. Unlike CNN. According to O’Sullivan, the Babylon Bee’s status as a satire site should preclude it from getting the exposure and engagement that other big-name sites get.

Which is kind of weird, considering O’Sullivan’s own promotion of the Onion. Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford couldn’t help but notice that O’Sullivan is apparently quite an admirer of the Onion’s satire:

Is some satire more equal than others? You bet it is. After all, the Babylon Bee regularly skewers the Left and the media (but we repeat ourselves), and if there’s one thing CNN’s stunningly brave firefighters just cannot abide, it’s being ridiculed.