Over the weekend, #WhitePower became a top trending topic on Twitter. All because a cadet at an Army-Navy got caught in a photo flashing what was supposedly the “white power” symbol, aka the “OK” sign.

It didn’t take long for heroic MSM firefighters to seize (yes, we said “seize”) on this scandal, churning out breathless articles and reports to confirm that our military is churning with white supremacists.

People who weren’t insane pointed out that the cadet in question was likely just playing the “circle game,” not signaling his fellow neo-Nazis. Their voices were drowned out by all the hysterics. But nearly a week later, it appears the skeptics were right (shocker!). West Point looked into the matter and concluded that it had absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy:

The cadets involved are still not getting off the hook, though:

The cadets would’ve been fine if a bunch of know-nothing SJWs hadn’t flipped their lids over a nontroversy. Sigh.

This crap is getting seriously old.

Townhall senior writer (and U.S. Marine) Julio Rosas took a few moments to recall some of the fine people who tripped all over themselves to impugn the military:

Hope they’re all really proud of themselves.