We’re pretty sure we hadn’t heard of Angela Belcamino before today, but according to her Twitter bio, she’s a SAG-AFTRA actress and a bassist in a band. Oh, and she’s been blocked by Donald Trump. She’s got nearly 110,000 followers so we feel pretty comfortable covering her — and her “#IMPEACHMENTVOTE celebration dance”:

The Democrats may have a spring in their step today, but so far, we haven’t seen any footage of them busting moves like Angela’s. Which is probably fortunate — for them and for us.

Does … does Angela know what impeachment is? We’re leaning toward no.

Better be extra-careful when the Senate doesn’t convict him.

What makes this and the rest of the collective liberal orgasm over Trump’s impeachment vote even more delicious is that even if they got their wish and the Senate convicted Trump and Trump was removed from office, they’d be left with … Mike Pence.

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