Andy Lassner has a real hangup about GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik. It’s kind of pathological, actually:

Oddly enough, he seems to think Stefanik’s obsessed with him:

We dunno … seems like Lassner’s the one who’s fixated here.

In any case, it seems Stefanik took in a pretty good fundraising haul after her appearance on “Hannity.”

And that’s really sticking in Andy’s craw. So he’s gonna do something about it. Something that will definitely teach Stefanik a lesson. That’s right: Andy’s deploying a hashtag.

And speaking of petty, look who’s helping Andy to spread the word:

A trending hashtag? Well, that’s it. We’ve all seen how trending hashtags have hurt Donald Trump. Elise Stefanik obviously doesn’t have a prayer.

Seriously, though, this is so sad. Imagine believing this strongly in the power of hashtag. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, we guess. Though if we were Andy, we’d actually be pretty embarrassed.

Andy probably thinks that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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