You’d think Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts would know better by now than to bring a knife to an intellectual gunfight with firearms and gun policy expert Stephen Gutowski, but apparently she still hasn’t learned her lesson.

Let’s set the stage: Earlier today, Gutowski tweeted about a recent MSNBC report on Utah teachers being trained to handle and carry guns in their classrooms. Gutowski noted the MSNBC’s fair approach to the story:

Gutowski’s assessment seems accurate. So naturally, Shannon Watts is angry with him:

If Watts thought she could get away with such a gross mischaracterization of the report, she was sorely mistaken. Gutowski is calling her out — and unlike her, he’s got facts on his side:

But Watts doesn’t want those voices to be heard.

Gutowski never dismisses the female teacher’s concern. The only thing of which he’s dismissive is Watts’ deception.

Watts isn’t making any sense whatsoever. She sounds unhinged. So, basically, it’s just another day in the life of Shannon Watts.

It’s a logical view. No wonder Watts doesn’t understand it.

She said good day! Guess that means Gutowski gets the last word (as it should be):

Shannon Watts is wrong, period.



Watts is going back for more. She still thinks she can win this battle of wits:


Shannon Watts is nothing if not a glutton for punishment.