If you’re looking for someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to guns, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone better than the Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski. But Shannon Watts thinks she knows more. She does not, in fact, know more. And she certainly doesn’t know never to bring a knife to an intellectual gunfight.

Let’s set the stage first. Earlier today, Gutowski shared one of Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding banning silencers:

The conversation shifted to a discussion of silencers and suppressors, and it served as a pretty accurate illustration of gun control advocates’ ignorance with regard to the things they’re trying to ban:

Well anyway, apparently Shannon Watts decided that what this conversation had been missing was her amazing insight. So she offered it up on a silver platter:

Unfortunately for her, she was way out of her depth. As usual. But in the ensuing conversation with Gutowski, she managed to make herself look even worse than usual:

She’s very generous that way.

Oh, snap!

She should … but she won’t. She’s Shannon Watts, after all.

She’s too busy and important to be held accountable for her misinformation and lies.

She actually could use some burn cream right about now.

Bless her heart.

Reading is for serious people who are actually interested in having serious discussions. Shannon Watts is not a serious person.

The best she can do is bravely run away. And you know what? If we were her, we’d run away, too. Gutowski thoroughly mopped the floor with her. And she earned every bit of that beatdown.



The humiliation of Shannon Watts continues apace:

She won’t do that … but she will keep digging:

Better grab a Snickers … it could be a while.