Earlier today, journalist Yashar Ali revealed that he’d learned that CBS News had fired former ABC News employee Ashley Bianco because she’d had access to the footage of Amy Robach complaining about ABC News burying her Jeffrey Epstein story. Bianco herself apparently did not leak the video to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

This afternoon, O’Keefe published a letter purportedly from the actual leaker explaining their motivations:

The full letter is worth reading, but here’s the writer’s message specifically to ABC News:

I sit right here with you all in complete shock. I, like many, are at a loss for words on how this has been handled. Instead of addressing this head-on like the company has in the past, it has spun into a mission of seek-and-destroy. Innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with this are being hunted down as if we are all a sport. I challenge all of you to actually look inwards and remember why this company engages in journalism. We all hold the First Amendment at the foundation of this company, yet forget its history,  its purpose, and its reasoning for even coming into existence to begin with. How lost we are… yearning to be found. I went to Project Veritas for the sole reason that any other media outlet else would have probably shelved this as well. I thank all of them, and James, for seeking truth.

ABC News and CBS News’ conduct has been nothing short of shameful.