We know Bernie Sanders can’t go after millionaires anymore (seeing as he’s one himself), but billionaires are still fair game. So why not go after one of the biggest fish of them all, Jeff Bezos?

Wow. Appalling!

Yeah, drag him, Bernie! By any means necessary — including outright fake news.

See, we’re not socialist geniuses or anything, but it shouldn’t take a genius of any political persuasion to see that Bernie’s math doesn’t compute.

It was just yesterday when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced an upcoming ban on “all political advertising on Twitter globally,” in part as an attempt to deal with “unchecked misleading information.” Well, seems like Bernie’s tweet might fall under that umbrella, no?

Since Bernie Sanders is the one who made AOC realize her “inherent value as a human being,” maybe she could return the favor by pointing out to him that he’s engaging in the spread of lies on social media that she’s supposedly against.