Katie Hill got royally busted for abusing her position and carrying on affairs with subordinates, and she’s paying the price by having to resign from Congress. In a normal world, we’d call that justice. But to the media, it’s a bona fide “tragedy.”

The Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz put together a supercut featuring some of the most prominent media warriors for truth and justice effectively having a funeral for Hill’s congressional career, and it’s really something to behold:

It’s funny that one of the talking heads brought up a double standard, as if Hill is the victim of one. There’s a double standard, all right. But it’s the media’s. Because if Katie Hill were not a female Democrat, they wouldn’t be tripping all over themselves to paint her as the victim.

They’ve sung different tunes plenty of times. But Katie Hill is special. So much for #MeToo.



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