Last week, Politico covered Jen Van Laar’s bombshell scoop on Democratic Rep. Katie Hill’s alleged sexual misconduct by focusing on Hill’s denials of wrongdoing — and by not linking to Van Laar’s story.

Well, this week, things are different, and Politico is ready to get down to business. Which means, of course, attempting to portray Van Laar as a vindictive conservative hellbent on stopping Hill at any cost (and reiterating that Hill is a victim, of course):

And Politico was evidently all too happy to swallow that without question. Because God forbid they acknowledge that Van Laar’s only sin was uncovering gross misconduct by Hill.

More from Michael Calderone:

Van Laar’s views, like RedState’s leanings, are no secret: She’s worked in Republican politics and the site is conservative, as is its owner, Salem Media Group. But Van Laar’s shift from reporting on Hill, and publishing what some have deemed “revenge porn,” to promoting Republicans for Hill’s old job is a blurring of roles that would be unacceptable in mainstream newsrooms.

In the days leading up to the 2018 election, Van Laar wrote an op-ed on why she supported Knight in his race against Hill, and in July, she praised a Republican who at the time was planning to run against Hill in 2020. “Hanging out with our future Congresswoman Suzette Valladares today!” she wrote, along with hashtags such as “#runsuzetterun” and #savecalifornia.”

Van Laar did not respond to a Twitter direct message request to discuss her coverage. Multiple representatives from Townhall Media, which oversees RedState, did not respond to phone and email requests.

Maybe they didn’t respond because they see Calderone’s exercise for what it is: A blatant and brazen attempt to assassinate Van Laar’s character while excusing Hill’s unethical conduct.



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