That we’re aware of the developing scandal(s) surrounding Democratic Rep. Katie Hill is thanks in no small part to RedState’s Jen Van Laar, who did what so many of our media betters have refused to do and carefully combed through evidence of Hill’s misconduct to construct a damning story of gross abuse of political authority.

And yet, Van Laar’s actual journalism is largely being dismissed or ignored by the mainstream media. RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham called out the self-proclaimed Guardians of Truth in a fantastic thread today. Please take a few minutes to read it:

Politico’s story earlier this week on Hill’s response to the allegations and evidence against her, for example, focused almost exclusively on Hill’s denial of wrongdoing or sexual misconduct. It glossed over the allegations and evidence against her, and the article mentioned RedState’s report but didn’t link to it. Hill would’ve had nothing to deny had it not been for Van Laar’s work.

Well said.