Do you have your shocked faces handy? Better make sure, because you’re gonna need ’em for this development in the Elizabeth Warren pregnancy narrative saga:

More from Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher:

But in a 2011 interview with Rutgers Law Professor Paul Tractenberg, Warren was comfortable enough to open up about pregnancy discrimination by law firms, and yet recounted her exit from teaching without mentioning it at all. In fact, she corroborated details of her 2007 account, like the reason for her decision to go into law.

“I was married at 19 to a boy I had dated since my freshman year in high school,” Warren said. “I had a baby, he was transferred to New Jersey, I was going to be a public school teacher and, a whole series of quick events, and I had been a high school debater, and the boys in high school debate back in Oklahoma had said ‘You should think about law school.’”

“And so I read up, found out there was a law school in Newark, drove in, looked around and thought ‘I could give it a try.’”

Later in that same interview, Warren told Tractenberg “I graduated from law school 9 months pregnant, and Amy’s getting a little bigger at that point, and I thought I’d stepped off the train. You know, hard enough to get a job for a woman then, I was about to have a baby and nobody was interested in me. And with that law degree from Rutgers, I hung out a shingle.”

Watch the interview:


Now seems like as good a time as any.