As Twitchy told you, people were captivated and inspired by Botham Jean’s brother Brandt forgiving and embracing Jean’s killer Amber Guyger. Here’s the powerful and amazing moment again:

Only someone with a heart of stone would try to ruin such a moment of profound grace. Which explains why alleged pastor Talbert Swan would come up with something like this:

Sorry, what?

There certainly is.

It’s good enough for the likes of Jezebel, which crapped out a similar take:


Jezebel and the “Bishop” here are known for having the exact wrong takes on a lot of things. They both need to take several lessons from Botham Jean’s brother.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



CNN analyst Bakari Sellers, everybody:

Not everyone is capable of forgiveness like Brandt Jean’s. In fact, most people aren’t. But to dismiss Jean’s decision to show grace to Amber Guyger because you don’t agree with it suggests your moral compass is pretty broken.

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