The Ukraine transcript is, according to Donald Trump, set to be released in its declassified, unredacted form, and media firefighters are changing the rules like their lives depend on it. Probably because in a sense, their lives actually do depend on it. Without Donald Trump to breathlessly cover, they’d pretty much be screwed.

Well anyway, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes may very well have sprained his brain trying to drag his goalpost across the field:

First off, Chris, it’s “toe.” And second of all, you’ve really got to stop being so predictable. Honestly. We can set our watch by this stuff. Trump gives the media what they’ve been clamoring for and suddenly it’s not good enough and on top of that, it’s probably proof of a coverup.

Never gets old, does it?

Annnnd we’re back to Sharpiegate.

Pretty much, yeah.

It’s really just sad at this point.

Works every time.