Liberals and journalists can’t seem to stop fawning over exploited child climate activist Greta Thunberg. After her emotionally charged rant before the U.N. General Assembly today, their love affair with Thunberg is more intense than ever. Which is why they’re so eager to dismiss any and all of Thunberg’s critics.

Take sports journalist Molly Knight, who’s convinced that the people calling Thunberg’s knowledge and emotional stability into question are just terrified men:

Yes, watching a young woman who’s clearly struggling with mental health issues and has been led to believe that her life is as good as over is “glorious.”

Sorry, Molly. But that’s not how qualifications work. Liberal activists masquerading as journalists and as people concerned about children’s futures are the ones we should really be afraid of. All those “horrible, horrible” people who aren’t buying into the Thunberg hype aren’t terrified of her — they’re terrified for her.

We’re terrified of what Thunberg represents: the activist Left’s open embrace of “utopian authoritarianism.”

See, now that is terrifying.