As you know doubt know by now, daring to question teen climate messiah Greta Thunberg means you’re afraid of her and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her entire argument appeals to emotion, rather than reason. But in case you’ve forgotten that you’re not allowed to criticize Thunberg, here’s Molly Jong-Fast to remind you:

Who does Molly think she’s fooling?

Yeah, she’s not “just out there.” She’s being paraded and exploited by adults who should know better. “The Right” isn’t “losing their collective minds” over Greta Thunberg because they hate her; they’re just fed up with children and young people being indoctrinated to fear life itself.

If “it makes you look bad” to do anything other than receive Thunberg as the Second Coming, what does it say about all the people like Molly who are using Thunberg as a human shield. They don’t care about Thunberg’s welfare; she’s only useful to them as an instrument of propaganda.