Remember how Elizabeth Warren tried to fundraise off of her claim that reporters had asked her to stop posing for selfies with fans? Remember how we (and others) called BS?

Well, looks like we indeed made the right call. Check out this white-hot take in the Washington Post:

Sorry … what?

Here’s just a taste of the word salad:

He was up against more than myth. Born into slavery, Douglass taught himself to read and write (both forbidden activities), escaped enslavement at age 20 and forged a career as the most accomplished orator of America’s abolition movement — and possibly in the entire country. He lived to see slavery abolished at the end of the Civil War but continued to fight against the country’s racist and inhumane treatment of African Americans all his life.

Although in a vastly different context, Warren is today confronting another harmful myth, experts said: that a woman is not presidential and does not belong in the Oval Office. Over the course of her campaign, she’s developed a similar strategy to fight back. At the end of every rally, Warren — one of three front-runners in the Democratic race, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll — stays behind to pose for pictures with pretty much every supporter who asks.

Even this hard-Left DSA member’s jaw is on the floor:

This is the kind of garbage that should unite people from all across the political spectrum.

We’ve seen a buttload of embarrassingly bad takes in the Washington Post, but this has got to be one of the worst.

Seriously. This is so, so bad.