It just keeps getting better and better. By which we mean, of course, worse and worse. At least as far as the New York Times is concerned.

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy has more details that for some reason failed to garner the same attention as the original New York Times story:

But Keyser now says she lacks confidence in Ford’s account. “We spoke multiple times to Keyser, who also said that she didn’t recall that get-together or others like it,” Pogrebin and Kelly wrote. “In fact, she challenged Ford’s accuracy.”

“Those facts together I don’t recollect, and it just didn’t make any sense,” Keyser told the authors.

“It would be impossible for me to be the only girl at a get-together with three guys, have her leave, and then not figure out how she’s getting home,” Keyser told Pogrebin and Kelly. “I just really didn’t have confidence in the story.”

Pogrebin and Kelly, however, say Ford’s story “rings true” and challenged Keyser’s recollections. “It is possible that Ford’s account is wrong and that Keyser’s lack of recollection is proof of that,” they wrote, but said “Keyser’s memory might be affected by her struggles with alcohol and other substances.”

And speaking of Keyser’s struggles with substance abuse, it seems that some of Christine Blasey Ford’s friends tried to exploit that in order to aid in the takedown of Brett Kavanaugh:


This seems like it should be front-page news, no? Did the New York Times just not have enough space for this stuff or … ?



‘That was INSANE’! Christine Blasey Ford just threw ‘friend’ Leland Keyser under the bus — and called her a liar