Earlier this week, a Hasidic man was viciously attacked in Brooklyn by a brick-wielding thug:

That man was only the latest victim in a string of often very violent anti-Semitic attacks in New York.

And then yesterday came this:


With throbbing, ominous music playing in the background, the video, titled “A storm is brewing in Rockland,” warns that over-development threatens the area.

“Aron Wieder and his Ramapo bloc are plotting a takeover,” the written message overlaying the video declares, referring to the Hasidic Jewish Rockland County legislator who supports multi-family development. “If they win, we lose.”


The video’s been taken down, but the ugliness remains. Here’s what Rockland County GOP chair Lawrence Garvey had this to say:

“This is a Rockland issue and not one that needs to be debated on a larger scale nor is it about anything other than the issue that faces us here.”

Except the issue does need to be discussed on a larger scale. It’s becoming more and more dangerous every day to be a Jew in New York, particularly if you venture out in public in any sort of religious garb. It’s clear that there’s a serious problem, one that is coalescing from all sides of the political spectrum.

In a thread yesterday, Seth Mandel explained why it’s so important that New York’s Jewish population take measures to protect itself:

If the Jews don’t protect themselves, it’s entirely possible that nobody else will.



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