Last month, the New York Times went after comedian Dave Chappelle for not having “adjusted his material” to make it more suitable for today’s woke audiences. Well, Chappelle’s got a new comedy special on Netflix, and VICE does not approve:

Taylor Hosking concludes:

Chappelle has always been a daredevil comedian willing to take a controversial stance or downplay a serious controversy for laughs, including his early-2000s skits about R. Kelly’s court trials on Chappelle’s Show. But now he chooses to blatantly ignore the historiccriticism against his style of comedy and new loud-and-clear criticism from the trans community. His approach comes off like a defiant rejection of change at any cost. As he keeps going down this path, drawing attention to the worst aspects of his important career, the biggest cost will be tarnishing his own legacy.

Chappelle’s legacy seems to be doing just fine. But based on the way things are going now, VICE’s only legacy will shattered badass cred.

Oh well. At least VICE is still getting through to some people: