As Twitchy told you, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer didn’t waste any time giving Kamala Harris an opportunity to politicize the shooting that’s reportedly injured at least six Philadelphia police officers. But why should Democratic presidential candidates have all the fun? Regular Democratic politicians like Florida Rep. Val Demings also has plenty of insight to offer on a situation she clearly doesn’t know a whole hell of a lot about:


Well, shoot.

Maybe she can discuss that next time Wolf invites her to weigh in on an active shooter situation.

We can definitely assume that Wolf Blitzer is not a responsible journalist. Demings’ “I think we can assume” lead-off would’ve been a great time for Blitzer to step in and stop her right in her tracks. She had no basis on which to make her assumptions, but instead of urging caution, Blitzer let her keep going and didn’t hold her accountable in the slightest.

That’s pathetic. That … is CNN.

CNN is not Real News, Mr. President. Not by a long shot.