Donald Trump said he’s concerned about the rise of hate groups:

Seems like a pretty solid approach to hate groups, right?

But actress Rosanna Arquette — who, according to her Twitter bio, is “resisting fascism on a daily basis” — has a problem with it. Namely that Trump dares to consider Antifa a hate group:

Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Yeah, Antifa’s just “a far-reaching, multidisciplinary mutual aid and support network.” That happens to take a far-reaching, multidisciplinary approach to violent intimidation. Nothing hateful about that! Except for, you know, the hate.

That much is clear.

Andy Ngo has experience Antifa’s hate first-hand. He’s still recovering from it.

Possibly no one understands Antifa better than Ngo.

If Rosanna’s serious about resisting fascism, she needs to start resisting Antifa.