We owe our readers an apology. It turns out we’ve been wrong about Antifa this whole time. They’re not violent left-wing extremists; they’re just harmless “black-clad youngsters”!

Thanks to Newsweek giving singer-songwriter Tae Phoenix space to show us the light:

How could we have misjudged them so badly?

As I’ve gotten to know them and connected with others they’ve helped, I’ve come to understand is that Antifa isn’t really a group so much as a far-reaching, multidisciplinary mutual aid and support network.

Antifa performs many different functions in a decentralized manner, but [GOP Sen. Bill] Cassidy and [GOP Sen. Ted] Cruz’s resolution [to categorize Antifa as a terrorist organization] could easily be used to extend the “terrorist” label to anyone whose grassroots activities focus on fighting abusive hierarchies or protecting vulnerable communities from far-right extremism; a textbook authoritarian move.

So regardless of how we may feel about fisticuffs in the streets or willful property damage, every American who is invested in a democratic future should be far less afraid of Antifa than of criminalizing grassroots resistance to right wing extremism. We should all be calling our Senators, asking them to speak out publicly against Cruz and Cassidy’s dangerous resolution—and to vote it down.

You should just do yourselves a favor and read the whole thing so you can get to know the sweet kids behind the black masks.

Psh! There aren’t really any Antifa “victims,” per se. Phoenix makes it clear that anyone who’s been on the receiving end of Antifa’s “fisticuffs” totally deserved it.

They haven’t killed anyone yet, so let’s just leave ’em alone, OK?



Journalist Andy Ngo waiting for ambulance after being attacked by Antifa protesters in Portland