As expected, Elizabeth Warren’s conduct in the wake of this weekend’s mass shootings has been nothing short of shameful. Aside from impugning Republicans and “gun lobbyists” and trying to fundraise off the senseless murders of innocent people, Warren is also trying to lay the blame for the violence at the feet of Fox News:

First of all:

Where’s the condemnation of CNN, Senator Warren? CNN gave the biggest megaphone they had to racist conspiracist Richard Spencer when they invited him on “The Lead” for a chat with Jake Tapper. Even AOC called them out for that. But Warren’s only got eyes for Fox News.

Secondly, when can we expect Elizabeth Warren to condemn herself? After all, it appears that the Dayton shooter was a big fan of hers. So we need to call her out for contributing to the machine that motivated him. That’s how this works, isn’t it?

Since Warren’s trying to fundraise off of these tragedies and trying to inflame hate against Fox News, couldn’t we just as easily call her a “hate-for-profit machine”?

And then there’s this, of course:

Oh well. In any event, we look forward to CNN pushing back against Warren’s media bashing any day now.