Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has some advice for the media and she’s sharing it with them in a series of tweets:

OK, seems pretty reasonable so far. What’s next?

AOC doesn’t really have a problem with networks putting “the least qualified people on TV.” If she did, she’d turn down every invitation to appear on the news. No, her real beef is with networks giving a voice to someone who doesn’t advance her particular agenda. She doesn’t want tot hear both sides of an argument when she thinks hers is the only one worth hearing. Stephen Gutowski, for example, is a firearms expert who’s most definitely qualified to discuss guns. But she’d pitch a fit if MSNBC invited him on to discuss gun control instead of someone like Shannon Watts.

But we do agree with her on this:

She’s got a point there. Too bad CNN already lent Richard Spencer credibility when they chose to give him a platform on their network.

Not sure what that would do to solve the problem, but whatever.

Meanwhile, AOC — like many others in the media — seems to be focused much more intently on the El Paso shooting because of the white supremacist motivations. What advice would she have for journalists when it comes to covering far leftist violence like the Dayton shooting?