It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Donald Trump wasn’t a fan of Don Lemon’s performance at last night’s Democratic debate:

He really does capture his essence in every tweet.

Well, if he can’t quote himself, what’s the point?

His tweets are silly and pretty cringey, but are they evidence of his racism? According to some Trump critics, the answer is a resounding “yes”:

Defending a racist like Al Sharpton to own Trump is quite a look. And isn’t ignoring all the white people whose intelligence Trump has insulted pretty racist, too?

Or maybe — just maybe — Donald Trump has a point about Lemon:

A reminder of Lemon’s question last night to Amy Klobuchar:

Not only was that not a smart question, but it was a very, very stupid one. If someone’s trying to make the case that Donald Trump is racist, they could do a lot better than him calling Don Lemon dumb.

Not everything is racist, guys. Sometimes a dumb person really is just dumb.