CNN’s Keith Boykin was sure to make a very specific list of the people Trump has insulted over the years to prove some point about how the president is a racist who supports Nazis. Dude works for CNN, what do you expect?

Pretty sure though that Keith didn’t make his list then check it twice.

Nice try, Keith, but …

Trump is mean to everyone, Keith.

It’s not a race thing.

Or a sex thing.

Or a religion thing.

Or a creed thing.

Trump is just sort of an a-hole which is why so many people like him … and why so many people don’t.

The man is a lot of things, but racist? Eh.

Well there’s another list.

Gosh, and another one!

Steve also corrected Keith’s claim on the Nazis being very fine people:

Man, the Left has been pushing that lie for YEARS now. It doesn’t matter how many times you try and show them the clip, they refuse to accept he did not say anything positive about the Nazis. We suppose since their entire narrative is based on Trump being an evil racist admitting he’s not likely isn’t in the cards.

So we’ll just have to keep correcting them.


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