Kamala Harris was at the NAACP presidential candidates forum today, where interviewer April Ryan asked her to weigh in on Donald Trump’s “misuse of power,” aka his efforts to help American rapper A$AP Rocky, who’s currently being held in a Swedish prison. It will no doubt shock you to learn that Harris is against it:

Watch (via the Washington Examiner):

Kamala’s train of thought ran away, but eventually dutiful lapdog April Ryan brought it back:

Get a room, ladies. And then go sit in the corner and think about what your Trump Derangement is doing to you.

It really isn’t. Especially given Harris’ own problematic history when it comes to imprisoned black men.

It’s almost as if she’s not the civil rights crusader she wants us to believe she is. It’s almost as if she’s actually just a hypocrite.

What a piece of work.