Robert Mueller is set to testify tomorrow, but Rachel Maddow smells a rat:

Wow. Sure sounds like the DOJ’s trying to control Mueller’s testimony, doesn’t it? Can you believe they’d obstruct justice so openly?

Yeah … it’s not, though. First of all:

So Mueller asked the DOJ to weigh in. Guess this is like the time Rachel freaked out about Bill Barr singlehandedly redacting the Mueller report despite the fact that Mueller was assisting with the redactions.


More from CNN:

In Monday’s letter, [Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley] Weinsheimer quotes from Mueller’s public statement in May where he indicated his reluctance to testify, and notes that the Department of Justice does not typically allow prosecutors to appear before Congress and discuss their cases.

“As the Attorney General has repeatedly stated, the decision to testify before Congress is yours to make in this case, but the Department agrees with your stated position that your testimony should be unnecessary under the circumstances,” Weinsheimer wrote.

Weinsheimer told Mueller that DOJ policy prevents him from commenting on the legal conclusions his office made “with respect to uncharged individuals, other than information contained within the portions of your report that already have been made public.” Weinsheimer also said Mueller should not testify about portions of the public report that have been redacted or about uncharged third parties.

That’s not nearly as threatening as Maddow makes it sound. But Maddow’s got her narrative and she’s sticking to it.

Now, for what it’s worth, according to national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss, the DOJ doesn’t have as much power over Mueller as Maddow thinks they do, anyway:

Moreover, as CNN reports, Mueller’s opening statement “did not have to be cleared through the Department of Justice and no officials from the department, including Attorney General William Barr, have seen the document, [Mueller spokesman Jim] Popkin said.” But obstruction or something.