Now that the Mueller report is out and Attorney General William Barr has said there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and there will be no further indictments, those who’ve been pushing the Mueller report for two years have to come up something.

The talking points have gone out, and that something seems to be that Barr is hiding something, and he’s going to redact anything damaging to President Trump before releasing the full report. Democrats, of course, are beating their chests and demanding the full report now, unredacted. If they keep digging into that pile of manure, soon enough they’ll find a pony.

We’ve already seen Greg Gutfeld’s hilarious supercut of Maddow’s finest moments reporting on the Mueller report, and here she is holding forth on Barr redacting the report all by himself so he can do his dirty work secretly — all while the chyron below correctly reports that Robert Mueller himself is assisting with the redactions.

Hey, look, it’s Tom Arnold, taking a short break from searching for the Trump tapes.

Oh wait, we forgot. Arnold’s VICELAND show was canceled after one season. Guess not finding the tapes wasn’t a real cliffhanger?