Just under two months ago, we did a post reminding everyone that last year, Brian Stelter called Michael Avenatti “a master of the media.”

Poor Brian never could’ve foreseen that a year after that, Avenatti would be indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with multiple crimes. Happens to the best of us!

Well anyway, it seems that no longer being a master of the media has afforded Avenatti some more free time. Which he’s apparently been using to slowly craft brilliant rejoinders to Twitchy:

Here’s the video that we assume is supposed to make us look silly or something:

So Avenatti’s citing … alt-right bottom-feeder Steve Bannon to … own us? Do we have this right?

We knew the guy was desperate, but wow.



Michael Avenatti sent a DM to The Federalist’s Erielle Davidson and it’s legit the MOST PATHETIC thing you’ll read today