As Twitchy reported, celebrity porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday and charged with fraud and identity theft, as well as attempted extortion:

The Free Beacon already put together an amazing video compilation of media figures praising Avenatti — hey, they actually thought he was going to take down President Trump — and people are waiting for CNN’s media hall monitor Brian Stelter to weigh in, seeing as word is out that Avenatti had a terrible temper and berated and intimidated employees at CNN and MSNBC, getting in their faces and abusing them verbally.

While we wait for Stelter’s take on Wednesday’s news, a lot of people are revisiting a tweet from Stelter a year ago this month in which he teased his take on Avenatti in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter:

We know CNN loved him and considered him their master for quite a few months. Stelter wrote:

Love him or hate him, Michael Avenatti is a master of the media.

On Tuesday, the biggest story of the day was President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal — until Avenatti tweeted about his latest findings in the Michael Cohen investigation.

Just after 5 p.m., Avenatti revealed via Twitter that Cohen received approximately $500,000 after the election from a company linked to a Russian oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin. Avenatti presented a document full of details about payments to Cohen.

He’s “attempting to connect the dots between the Russia probe and the Michael Cohen investigation,” The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand wrote.

Yeah, he was doing the Lord’s work helping move Robert Mueller’s Russia probe forward. No wonder the media made him their master.

But he was all up in Trump’s face … what was CNN supposed to do? Not make him a national celebrity?


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