Earlier this week, Donald Trump did what he does best and trolled the media over Ilhan Omar’s alleged immigration fraud, and media firefighters quickly mobilized to defend the innocent Democratic congresswoman. While the “she married her brother” story is murky at best, based on the concrete evidence out there, it seems reasonable to conclude that Ilhan Omar has been up to some very shady business.

But that’s not stopping the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer from suggesting that Omar is a victim of some kind of vast right-wing conspiracy:

Sommer’s actually doing journalists a disservice here.

Not even the liberal-leaning Star Tribune could ignore all the red flags being sent up by Ilhan Omar.

Come on, Will.

That’s not what @neontaster was doing at all. But white knight Will would rather slay straw men for Ilhan Omar than admit that she might actually be guilty of deliberate tax fraud.

He doesn’t see the problem.

It really is a head-scratcher.

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe, who actually did some actual journalism and combed through legal documents regarding Ilhan Omar, takes issue with Sommer’s characterization of the investigations:


Maybe instead of lashing out at inconvenient truths, Will should try doing some journalism for a change.

What a novel idea!