As Twitchy told you earlier, Donald Trump has disavowed the dumb “send her back” chants that broke out at his rally last night.

Now, you may take his disavowal at face value, or you may think he’s full of it. But in either case, the media are making pretty major asses of themselves over it.

The same Guardians of Truth who not only let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez try to gaslight us about her Holocaust-trivializing remarks when we all heard her make them, and in some cases actively sought to assist her in her gaslighting campaign, are now suddenly very interested in combing through a video to prove that Trump is a liar. They’re thoroughly uninterested in confronting AOC about the fact that an Antifa terrorist who attempted to kill ICE agents last weekend echoed her “concentration camps” rhetoric, but they hold Trump personally responsible for what some idiots in his audience said.

CNN’s best and bravest are especially interested in Real Journalism™ today:

Hall monitor Brian Stelter is treating it like the damn Zapruder film:

Detective Stelter is on the case, everybody.

Like the kind of contextualized journalism you can only get from CNN special correspondent Richard Spencer? That contextualized journalism? Because CNN clearly doesn’t think their audience deserves any other kind.

It’s pretty clear what’s happening here.

They certainly are.

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