Earlier this week, memesmith extraordinaire Carpe Donktum told his followers that BuzzFeed was threatening to dox him and his family. Because apparently that sort of thing is acceptable if you support the wrong person, i.e. Donald Trump.

Anyway, it seems that BuzzFeed isn’t alone in gunning for Carpe Donktum. This afternoon, he said that HuffPost is trying to dox him as well:

He sure is popular!


In all seriousness, though, if HuffPost is really doing this, it’s absolutely unacceptable. Treating Carpe Donktum like a criminal when his only crime is supporting and being liked by Donald Trump is not journalism; it’s fascism.

Guess HuffPost can consider this Carpe Donktum’s official response:



He’s released an official statement directed at all outlets who have attempted to dox him:

There you have it.