As Twitchy told you, during today’s Congressional hearing on the border crisis, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib embarked on an unhinged, barely coherent rant:

Nice to see her at least acknowledge that the border crisis she and other Democrats spent months insisting was manufactured wasn’t actually manufactured. Or was it? It seems Tlaib’s squad leader AOC has come full circle and is back to calling it “a manufactured crisis”:

Yeah, no. It’s cute that AOC’s trying to backpedal by putting a new finish on a tarnished old lefty narrative, we all know what she meant back when she originally called it “a manufactured crisis.” The new spin isn’t going to work any better this time around.

Well, that’s awkward.

It really is. And if anyone’s responsible for “manufacturing” this crisis, it’s the Democrats who pushed for the policies that laid the groundwork — and AOC and her squad who not only tried to prevent the very real issues from being resolved, but actively worked to make them worse.

Parting evergreen tweet: