In a refreshing change of pace, Ilhan Omar is taking her laser-like focus off the Jews for a bit and setting her sights on Tucker Carlson. In case you missed it, Carlson is a “white nationalist”:

Is that footage of her thinking about the 9/11 terrorists? Guess that’s not really important. What’s important is that criticizing Ilhan Omar and her open hostility to this country (the woman admitted to making up a story in order to paint America as unjust and racist!) constitutes “an absolutely stunning racist attack”:

At first, Omar just tried to be cool about the whole thing, opting for sass and denial of her long record of trashing the country that welcomed her with open arms:

But today, playtime is over and she’s ready to get serious. Which means it’s time to take Carlson down. That starts with targeting his advertisers:

Nice to see a U.S. Congresswoman who loves her country strive to make this union more perfect by seeking to silence her critics.

What’s more American than that, Ilhan?