As Twitchy told you, Eric Swalwell has made it officially officially and announced his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential race. And inquiring minds wanna know: having already succeeded in moving the needle on gun control, what’s left for him to do now? Surely he’s not going to run for Congress again, having vowed earlier this year that he wouldn’t:

He was pretty unequivocal about giving up his House seat.

“I think you have to.” Or … not:

Alrighty then.

It’s also just another story he can’t keep straight:

So basically, he lied. Only it was worse than regular lying, because after casting himself as some kind of hero for giving up his congressional seat to run for president, he’s now trying to cast himself as some kind of hero for not giving it up after all. The guy was polling at zero percent right out of the gate and failed to move the needle the entire time he was in the presidential race. We’re supposed to believe that his decision to run for Congress again wasn’t something he was planning this whole time? Please.

Honestly, who does Eric Swalwell think he’s fooling?

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