Twitchy has been reporting all day that Rep. Eric Swalwell was pulling out of the Democratic race for president, and he finally made it official at a press conference in his home state of California. It looks like consistently polling at 0 percent before and after the debates was a sign to call it quits.

As everyone knows, Swalwell had made gun control the center of his platform right out of the gate, introducing policies such as instituting mandatory gun buy-backs and nuking gun owners who refused to surrender their Second Amendment rights.

With Swalwell’s campaign burning out so quickly, we thought we’d share a tweet of his from last week, in which he took credit for “moving the needle” on gun buy-backs at the debate. So if you want of list of people with equally bad ideas, here you go:

Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden, to use his favorite word, literally seems to be trying to lose the nomination, and we have to laugh at Kamala Harris’s answer — his idea for mandatory gun buy-backs is a great one, and we should have a national conversation about it while my staff check the polling.

If Harris wants to have that conversation, let’s have it … again.

Nope. Even if Biden managed to stumble back into the White House, he had eight years to attempt a stunt like this and never did — the America he pictured was every citizen firing a shotgun blindly through the front door at any hint of a threat.

He is going away; well, back to California, anyway. If you re-elect this clown, you deserve him.