Amidst all the discussion and debate over the border crisis, let’s not forget who the real victim in all this is: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But just in case you do forget, let Mother Jones remind you:

And just in case Mother Jones’ reminder isn’t enough, let AOC herself remind you:

Is there a bigger bully in Congress right now than AOC? She regularly slimes and smears political opponents with no regard for the truth. She’s put people’s lives in danger in order to score cheap political points. Her conduct with regard to the border crisis alone has been nothing short of disgusting: invoking the Holocaust, accusing Republicans of not caring about migrants, refusing to accept any responsibility for helping to perpetuate the “manufactured crisis” narrative … and all the while voting against measures that would help the migrants and actively working to make conditions even worse for them.

And when she’s called out on it, she immediately throws down the victim card as though she’s innocent. She truly believes she should be immune from all criticism — and that her critics should be punished.

No thanks to her.

“Heartless cruelty”? The shame is all hers.