Rani Baker is someone we’ve never heard of who claims to be a staff writer for a satire site we’ve never heard of, but she’s got a blue checkmark so we guess Twitter thinks she’s someone we should know. She certainly wants more people to know who she is. Guess that’s why she’s boasting about her contribution to Antifa’s violent assault of Andy Ngo:

She seems nice.

Oh yes. So hilarious. Relishing the assault of a man whose only crime was documenting assault. Winning!

They are everything they claim to be fighting against.

She makes it pretty clear that she did. Color us shocked that she’s also helping to spread Nathan Bernard’s Andy Ngo trutherism on her Twitter feed:

So yes. It seems pretty safe to say that Rani’s garbage.

Maybe law enforcement authorities have the cure for what ails her.

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Rani’s attempting to pull of the very impressive feat of distancing herself from her role in Ngo’s assault while simultaneously patting herself on the back over it: