Well, it’s all happening. The AOC-endorsed Wayfair Walkout is officially underway:

Making innocent migrant children sleep on the floor to own the cons. Fight the power!

Yes. Yes you did:

Oh, is that your job?

It literally is.

More from Reuters:

They demanded that Wayfair stop selling to migrant detention camps and that it give profits of the sale, which they claim amount to $86,000, to a Texas-based non-profit agency offering legal services to immigrants.

The company on Wednesday emailed employees to say it was making a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross, which was confirmed by the retailer.

“I can confirm the Red Cross donation that intended to assist with humanitarian relief at the border,” Wayfair spokeswoman Jane Carpenter told Reuters by email.

“That was not what we asked for,” said Madeline Howard, 29, a Wayfair product manager.

Some in the crowd carried signs with messages including “a cage is not a home” and “a prison with a bed is still a prison.”

So let’s teach Donald Trump a lesson by doing our part to make detention centers even more prison-like! That’s the ticket!

In other words, it’s totally in line with the Democratic Party’s approach to dealing with the border crisis.