Let’s face it: No issue is really settled until Ana Navarro weighs in. She is the ultimate authority on everything, as evidenced by this rock-solid rebuke of anyone who doesn’t think illegal immigrant detention centers should be razed:

Is she referring to that insanely deceptive and dishonest NowThis video, which falsely claimed that the Trump administration was denying basics like “soap, toothbrushes, or beds” to migrant children? Or perhaps to DHS being prohibited by law from accepting donations to detention centers? We know she couldn’t possibly be talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauding Wayfair workers for effectively taking beds away from migrant children. And we know for sure that Ana would never speak ill of all the House Democrats who are dragging their feet on a funding bill to deal with the border situation!

It’s almost as if Ana Navarro is a disingenuous hack who traffics in bad-faith arguments instead of intellectually honest analysis. We don’t know how anyone with a brain can take her seriously.

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