We’ve all been on the edges of our seats waiting Rashida Tlaib to weigh in on her anti-Semitic sister from another mister Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s diminishing of the Holocaust.

Well, good news, everyone! The wait is over. Here she is, in all her Jew-hating glory:

So, if we’re understanding this correctly, Liz Cheney calling AOC out for historical ignorance and for crapping on Holocaust victims constitutes racist and sexist “policing and bullying.” Cheney and her fellow Republicans’ condemnation of anti-Semitism shows they’re focused “on a hate agenda,” but AOC and her anti-Semitic pals are just trying to better our lives.

Rashida Tlaib needs to check herself and quit projecting her own massive character flaws onto her political opponents.

The same goes for Tlaib. She’s disgusting.