As Twitchy told you earlier, nobody was asking CNN’s Chris Cuomo to run interference for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but he grabbed his shovel and did it anyway by attempting to argue that what Jews experience during the Holocaust wasn’t really extermination:

He got ratio’d pretty good for that scorching-hot take:

But let him be clear: He wasn’t trying to be callous or anything like that when he downplayed what the Nazis did; he was just trying to draw attention to the plight of “the kids”:

Really, Chris? You don’t get why so many people are giving so much attention to the way AOC is attempting to twist reality to push a dishonest political narrative?



Clearly not.

He definitely doesn’t. If he did, he’d acknowledge that he himself has been blind to “reality.”

Chris doesn’t like to get bogged down with inconvenient truths.

Chris’ righteous indignation on behalf of “the kids” is conditional. Unlike his hackery, which is as consistent as it gets.



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