As you no doubt know by now, Harvard has rescinded its admission to Kyle Kashuv over offensive, racist remarks Kashuv posted when he was 16 years old. Despite Kashuv’s very public apologies and attempts to right his wrongs, Harvard has decided that Kashuv’s repeated attempts to cooperate don’t merit any further consideration.

Ben Shapiro, whose Daily Wire has acknowledged that Kashuv’s remarks were wrong, nevertheless is expressing his disgust at Harvard’s petty, selective outrage and “insane, cruel standard” to which they’re subjecting Kashuv:

Did you see anything offensive in Shapiro’s tweet? No? Well, clearly you weren’t reading between the lines like progressive digital strategist Elizabeth Spiers:

So, because Shapiro is defending Kashuv from a genuine smear campaign, that makes him a racist?

Not unexpected at all. And not unique, either. Vox’s German Lopez is also willfully misrepresenting Shapiro’s remarks:

That’s not at all what Shapiro said. And for Lopez to pretend it is only makes Lopez look bad.

And there are still more garbage humans where that came from. Remember amateur MMA fighter Tony Posnanski?

Translation: Tony Posnanski is a dishonest ass.

And here’s “cultural critic” Lizzie Skurnick:

What the hell.

She absolutely knows it. They all do.

And the progressive thought police won’t rest until every last holdout has bent to their will.

Has Elizabeth Spiers ever met a teenager? They do and say stupid things all the time. Not many of them will own up to their mistakes the way Kashuv has.

Who made Elizabeth the arbiter of sincerity? Because that person should be sacked. Spiers’ attacks and Shapiro and Kashuv are not rooted in intellectual honesty.

Nor do we.

In their minds, the tolerant Left can do no wrong. When they offend, it’s for the greater good. That’s the only justification for their words and actions they need.

The same bloodthirsty mob cheering on the immolation of Kyle Kashuv won’t be immune from their scorched-earth campaign. Their number will come up, too, and when they realize it, it will be too late.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.