As Twitchy told you, progressive digital strategist Elizabeth Spiers is among the members of the Leftist Thought Police purposely and very blatantly using Ben Shapiro’s defense of Kyle Kashuv to smear Shapiro as racist.

Federalist senior contributor Chad Felix Greene is also pushing back against the Spiers and the mob’s dishonesty:

Unsurprisingly, Spiers doesn’t seem to appreciate Greene holding a mirror up to her:

In her mad rush to impugn Greene’s character, Spiers completely forgot to check herself before she wrecked herself:

Whoops. That should’ve been Spiers’ cue to stop digging. She missed it:

When your only rebuttal to being called out is to throw out more baseless, tiresome talking points in the hopes that one of them will stick, you know you’ve lost. But just in case she hasn’t figured it out yet, Greene’s here to drive the point home:

It’s the only weapon they’ve got left … and they’re shooting blanks.



Would you believe that Spiers is still digging? Because of course she is:

Area digital strategist unfamiliar with the strategy of quitting while you’re behind.